2024 Projections

ROS-Composite KAN SP141973.741.28152550
ROS-Steamer KAN SP149983.721.29161610
ROS-THE BAT X KAN SP137983.821.26151510
ROS-ZiPS KAN SP103663.831.29108390
ROS-ATC KAN SP146983.871.28158600
Composite KAN SP15810103.991.31166640
Steamer KAN SP17711103.951.33185750
ATC KAN SP1621093.871.28175660
ZiPS KAN SP15210104.041.32155600
THE BAT KAN SP1489104.011.28157570
THE BAT X KAN SP1489104.011.28157570
2024 KAN SP25024.321.483370

Historical Stats

202452502 4.32 1.483370
2023299675 3.47 1.16113410
202294003 4.95 1.4827160

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