2024 Projections

ROS-Composite DET RP52334.251.3751210
ROS-Steamer DET RP51333.971.2951190
ROS-THE BAT X DET RP51224.241.3349210
ROS-ZiPS DET RP71354.761.4271300
ROS-ATC DET RP52244.841.4150220
Composite DET RP68344.631.3865280
Steamer DET RP74444.221.3272280
ATC DET RP67354.841.4163280
ZiPS DET RP73364.851.4371320
THE BAT DET RP62334.491.3658270
THE BAT X DET RP62334.491.3658270
2024 DET RP21005.521.652790

Historical Stats

2024152100 5.52 1.652790
202325105313 6.93 1.6998470
202273222 3.07 1.1227130

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