2021 Projections

ROS-Composite OAK SP1004.252.00110
ROS-Steamer OAK SP1004.541.42110
ROS-THE BAT X OAK SP2004.321.28210
ROS-ZiPS OAK SP3003.461.22210
ROS-ATC OAK SP1004.751.44110
Composite OAK SP47224.021.3644200
Steamer OAK SP46224.001.3246180
ATC OAK SP47224.061.4143230
RotoChamp OAK SP52244.671.2742180
ZiPS OAK SP46213.981.3241180
THE BAT OAK SP48224.211.3444190
THE BAT X OAK SP48224.211.3444190
2023 OAK SP45015.601.5632210

Historical Stats

2023404501 5.60 1.563221 2
2022284213 3.63 1.263314 1
2021124021 5.60 1.293815 0

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