2021 Projections

ROS-Composite LAA SS3741310.2430.3100.3780.688310
ROS-Steamer LAA SS3440300.2210.3010.2350.53649
ROS-THE BAT X LAA SS3851310.2300.2920.3680.660310
ROS-ZiPS LAA SS2693132540.2310.2980.3120.6102570
ROS-ATC LAA SS3840410.2200.2860.2630.549310
Composite LAA SS1920200.2630.3330.3160.64925
Steamer LAA SS1210100.2320.2960.2500.54613
RotoChamp LAA SS2240400.3640.3910.4550.84615
ZiPS LAA SS1310100.2300.2950.2310.52613
THE BAT LAA SS2430200.2310.2870.2920.57926
THE BAT X LAA SS2430200.2310.2870.2920.57926
2023 LAA SS210000.5000.7500.5001.25020

Historical Stats

2023221000 0.500 0.750 0.500 1.25020
202218559191 0.400 0.414 0.582 0.996213

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