2021 Projections

ROS-Composite PIT SP78444.491.3668300
ROS-Steamer PIT SP82464.731.4171340
ROS-THE BAT X PIT SP79464.951.4062300
ROS-ZiPS PIT SP85354.211.2981320
ROS-ATC PIT SP79454.461.3468300
Composite PIT SP147794.161.29139520
Steamer PIT SP1579104.291.33147580
ATC PIT SP148784.161.28137530
RotoChamp PIT SP144794.311.27130580
ZiPS PIT SP131564.041.23134450
THE BAT PIT SP1488114.221.29132520
THE BAT X PIT SP1488114.221.29132520
2023 PIT SP52344.331.3836230

Historical Stats

2023105234 4.33 1.383623 0
2022219555 3.79 1.278639 0
20211300 0.00 1.3341 0

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