2021 Projections

ROS-Composite LAD SP25124.491.362490
ROS-Steamer LAD SP26114.451.322590
ROS-THE BAT X LAD SP32115.291.4131120
ROS-ZiPS LAD SP52224.621.4250210
ROS-ATC LAD SP26114.801.3824100
Composite LAD SP52234.851.3849200
Steamer LAD SP60344.651.3755220
ATC LAD SP50234.741.3446180
RotoChamp LAD SP45145.001.4236150
ZiPS LAD SP51224.581.4050210
THE BAT LAD SP49335.161.3945180
THE BAT X LAD SP49335.161.3945180
2023 LAD SP16018.441.751470

Historical Stats

202341601 8.44 1.75147 0
202272910 4.64 1.442410 0

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