2024 Projections

ROS-Composite SEA RP40224.251.3838170
ROS-Steamer SEA RP40224.071.3439170
ROS-THE BAT X SEA RP26113.941.2425100
ROS-ZiPS SEA RP45234.581.4440200
ROS-ATC SEA RP40234.451.3738170
Composite SEA RP30124.201.3729130
Steamer SEA RP36224.281.3536150
ATC SEA RP30124.451.3729130
ZiPS SEA RP36224.481.4232160
THE BAT SEA RP24113.911.242390
THE BAT X SEA RP24113.911.242390
2024 SEA RP16004.471.301480

Historical Stats

2024151600 4.47 1.301480
2023162110 6.40 2.1322150

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