2021 Projections

ROS-Composite CWS RP37223.981.3541191
ROS-Steamer CWS RP37223.781.3343191
ROS-THE BAT X CWS RP39113.991.2838161
ROS-ZiPS CWS RP28224.031.4633180
ROS-ATC CWS RP37223.481.2843171
Composite CWS RP41223.511.2448182
Steamer CWS RP48323.311.2060203
ATC CWS RP37223.301.2443161
RotoChamp CWS RP43222.931.1948180
ZiPS CWS RP48433.691.3560283
THE BAT CWS RP37113.441.1839133
THE BAT X CWS RP37113.441.1839133
2023 CWS RP5003.532.35390

Historical Stats

20235500 3.53 2.3539 0
2021545435 2.83 1.286527 96.30
20205600 0.00 0.5080 100.10

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