2021 Projections

ROS-Composite MIA SP1001.251.00100
ROS-Steamer MIA SP1004.331.41100
ROS-THE BAT X MIA SP1004.131.33100
ROS-ZiPS MIA SP1006.321.71000
ROS-ATC MIA SP1004.711.50000
Composite MIA SP29124.661.3421100
Steamer MIA SP55334.461.3941210
ATC MIA SP20114.841.421470
RotoChamp MIA SP37225.351.4929140
ZiPS MIA SP55234.701.4038230
THE BAT MIA SP11004.631.36830
THE BAT X MIA SP11004.631.36830
2023 MIA SP57186.611.7043290

Historical Stats

2023155718 6.61 1.704329 0
20221300 11.25 3.1334 0
2021309447 5.35 1.397230 94.51

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