2024 Projections

ROS-Composite LAD RP28224.611.4325120
ROS-Steamer LAD RP28114.691.4324120
ROS-THE BAT X LAD RP18114.691.381670
ROS-ZiPS LAD RP34225.121.5131160
ROS-ATC LAD RP28224.961.4426120
Composite LAD RP25114.681.4424110
Steamer LAD RP32224.631.4229140
ATC LAD RP21114.961.442090
ZiPS LAD RP32224.891.4631150
THE BAT LAD RP23114.471.332290
THE BAT X LAD RP23114.471.332290
2024 LAD RP6003.001.83340

Historical Stats

20247600 3.00 1.83340
2023162011 6.72 2.1420160

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