2021 Projections

ROS-Composite LAA SP27124.251.3329110
ROS-Steamer LAA SP27114.191.3029110
ROS-THE BAT X LAA SP27114.431.2930110
ROS-ZiPS LAA SP39124.331.3440160
ROS-ATC LAA SP27114.241.2829110
Composite LAA SP50224.321.3252200
Steamer LAA SP48224.311.3149180
ATC LAA SP51224.211.3054210
RotoChamp LAA SP51334.411.2054210
ZiPS LAA SP48224.561.3550190
THE BAT LAA SP52214.471.2956210
THE BAT X LAA SP52214.471.2956210
2023 LAA SP21103.400.992080

Historical Stats

2023142110 3.40 0.99208 0
2022425021 3.23 1.165221 0
2021212710 4.98 1.253811 0

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