2024 Projections

ROS-Composite SF SP115674.081.32123490
ROS-Steamer SF SP135884.091.32142580
ROS-THE BAT X SF SP122794.501.32121460
ROS-ZiPS SF SP98334.391.34112440
ROS-ATC SF SP121664.061.29134530
Composite SF SP132674.161.32149590
Steamer SF SP1599104.091.33176730
ATC SF SP136664.061.29151600
ZiPS SF SP110334.231.34132550
THE BAT SF SP126894.291.30137500
THE BAT X SF SP126894.291.30137500
2024 SF SP27215.001.332450

Historical Stats

202452721 5.00 1.332450
202373411 4.21 1.1735110

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